The Lobster Roll Sandwich – Deliciously Fresh and Flavorful

by on May 21, 2022

Maine lobsters are known throughout the world as being the freshest and most flavorful available, and this lobster roll sandwich proves it once again. The lobster meat itself is lightly steamed before it’s mixed with our homemade New England style dressing and piled on top of perfectly toasted Brioche bun that has been split down the middle with crusty sides that can be dipped in your melted butter (served on the side). Served with chips, a speared pickle, a lemon wedge and pure Irish melted butter. Your mouth will thank you after one bite of this delicious sandwich.

Why it’s one of the most popular seafood dishes in America

The lobster roll is a New England summertime classic, ranking with buffalo wings as one of America’s favorite finger foods. It’s no wonder that lobsters have gained popularity in recent years. This dish features succulent chunks of Maine-caught lobster meat served on a split-top toasted brioche bun with mayonnaise and lemon.

How Pepper Farm Deli Prepares the Lobster Roll

The Lobster roll sandwich comes with 100% Maine Lobster claw and knuckles mixed with our homemade New England style dressing on a split-top perfectly toasted Brioche bun. We then give it a quick warm-up in our ovens so that when you get it home or back to your office or wherever you’re eating it, it’s still nice and hot! We also serve them with some good old-fashioned homemade New England style dressing if you like (we do!) but we also serve them without as well. They are made every day here at Pepper Farm Deli by hand and they are just delicious!

Enjoy the Lobster Roll with a Cold Beer or Wine

If you’re already looking forward to dinner, then you’ll want to try a cold beer or glass of wine with your lobster roll. Some people like to drink beer or wine with their lobster rolls while others prefer to stick with water or a non-alcoholic beverage such as soda or lemonade. Either way, lobster sandwiches are best enjoyed with friends and family, which makes it even more fun. In fact, restaurants often recommend sharing one of these delicious sandwiches between two people for just that reason.

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