Where Can i Get a Monte Cristo Sandwich Near Me?

by on May 18, 2022

The Monte Cristo Sandwich is arguably the most delicious breakfast sandwich on the planet and you can find it at many restaurants, bars, and cafes in the United States! If you’re looking to try one or just want to know where to get the best Monte Cristo Sandwich near me, here are a few places you can check out. Bon Appetit!

The Sandwich’s History

The sandwich was invented in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at K&L Cafeteria by Louis Greco in 1918. It was named after The Count of Monte Cristo, an Alexandre Dumas novel set in 19th-century France. One legend says that Greco went to New Orleans and bought his croissant bread from Cafe du Monde. Another legend has it that he copied it from another restaurant nearby. However, one well-established story dates back to World War I when servicemen passing through Pittsburgh on their way to fight in Europe stopped off at Greco’s for sandwiches and coffee. One customer wanted ham and cheese like he had had in Paris but Greco didn’t have any white bread so he used French toast instead…and voila!

What Is Inside the Monte Cristo Sandwich?

The monte cristo sandwich is made with ham, cheese and an egg batter-dipped bread that is fried in butter or oil. When it comes to sandwiches, it’s hard to find one more decadent than a monte cristo. This delicious recipe features ham, cheese and a crispy fried coating served on top of two slices of egg batter-dipped white bread. To achieve maximum crunchiness when frying our sandwiches, we are sure to use large pieces of bread so they have enough surface area for crispiness while keeping as much soft interior as possible. When making the sandwich, we season it generously with salt and pepper and make the layers equally seasoned! We never skimp on butter when frying your sandwiches—using just enough is key for flavor distribution.

The Best Place to Get a Monte Cristo Sandwich Near Me

Pepper Farm Deli, located in Santee, makes what some might consider to be one of San Diego County’s best Monte Cristo sandwiches. Located in Santee in the Home Depot shopping center, Pepper Farm Deli started providing locals with their favorite meals in 2021. Serving everything from burgers to steak and eggs, as well as great food at reasonable prices makes Pepper Farm Deli is a prime place for getting your Monte Cristo sandwich fix. Swing by and check out all of the other delicious items on our menu.

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