Are You Ready To Try a Cubano Sandwich?

by on April 19, 2022

Introducing the New Cubano Sandwich

We’re excited to introduce you to the new Cubano sandwich new to the Pepper Farm Deli menu. This sandwich originates from Havana and consists of delicious pulled pork, ham, swiss cheese, and pickles in between two slices of French bread. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and savory flavors, and we’re sure you’ll love it! Our new Cubano is now available at Pepper Farm Deli.

Origins of the Cubano Sandwich

The Cubano sandwich was invented by a Cuban immigrant living in the French Quarter of New Orleans. In the early 1900s, he combined roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese and pickles onto a French roll. The sandwich’s popularity spread throughout the neighborhood of Little Havana and eventually made its way across the United States. The quintessential cubano is served on a bolillo or other crusty bread. However, true fans of the sandwich will tell you that they’re just as delicious when served on pressed Cuban bread with white (or yellow) cheese instead of Swiss—and mayonnaise instead of mustard. Either way, we hope you enjoy our authentic version at our deli!

The Ingredients of a Cubano

The Cubano sandwich is made up of authentic Spanish ingredients, like Serrano ham, roasted pork, and Swiss cheese. The traditional version uses the pan con tomate method of making a pressed sandwich; the top layer of bread is covered in mayonnaise, mustard, pressed down on with a heavy top-like structure.

What makes it unique?

There is no lettuce, tomato or onion on the Cubano. This allows the essential flavors of the pork, ham and cheese to shine through without distraction. It also makes it easy to share with friends or take on the go since it’s one solid (but not hard) piece of bread. At its core, the Cubano is really just a dressed up version of a deli sandwich—but as I hope you can see by now: simple ingredients don’t necessarily translate into simple recipes.

Where Can I Get a Cubano Sandwich Near Me?

Order the Cubano sandwich at Pepper Farm Deli the next time you’re in the mood for a deli sandwich. To order it for dine-in or pickup, order the sandwich now! The Cuban sandwich is one of the most celebrated sandwiches in American cuisine and we think it will quickly become a lunchtime favorite! Your taste buds may even travel back to grandma’s kitchen on a balmy Cuban night. You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy the amazingly delicious and satisfying taste of a genuine Cubano Sandwich.

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